Explore England through the National Parks

There are ten regions designated as National Parks in England, each with something different and unique to offer, from the mountains of the Lake District to seeing New Forest ponies ambling through town centres, from the exposed Yorkshire Moors to the White Cliffs of Dover.

Some of the national Parks are only very sparsely populated while others, especially those in the south-east of England, are more densely populated.

Yet despite these differences, the National Parks all share a common goal - to protect and preserve the natural environment for the enjoyment of current visitor and future visitors, and to create an environment in which people and nature can thrive and flourish together.

A significant part of this effort is based on encouraging the flora and fauna that is to be found in these regions to flourish.

Running the National Parks also entails a great deal of managing conflicting interests, especially those of residents such as farmers, and visitors who frequently have different goals and expectations from the land. Controlling the potential damage caused by the sheer numbers of visitors is a major challenge in itself, so when you visit be sure to respect the countryside and the needs of those who live within the park boundaries.

The following is a list of the National Parks located in England:

Explore the National Parks in England