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The village of Zennor is a little way inland from the north coast of western Cornwall, a few miles west of Saint Ives.

Centred around the Church of saint Senara, start your visit with a look around the graveyard where there are some very ancient stone gravestones carved with crosses. Step inside the church to see the ancient bench with a carving of the 'Zennor Mermaid'. There is little else of great historical interest in the village but Zennor is a pleasant village for a stroll, perhaps a drink in the village pub.

There is also a small museum, the Wayside Folk Museum, which contains thousands of articles that together help explain the local history and industry, in a pretty small ensemble of old buildings.

Because it stands at the transition between 'coastal Cornwall' and 'moorland Cornwall' Zennor is also a popular place for starting walks in the surrounding countryside or along the coast. The sea can easily reached from the clifftops of Zennor Head to the north-west of the village, then the coast path followed in either direction.

Also of interest close to Zennor there are some ancient dolmen - neolithic monuments dating from around 2000 BC. These include Lanyon Quoit (pictured, south near Morvah) and Zennor Quoit (just to the south east of Zennor). the latter of the two is the most complete, the first most dramatic.

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