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Winchcombe is a Cotswolds town situated in Gloucestershire, a few kilometres north-east of Cheltenham.

The town developed as an important local centre in the middle ages, particularly because of pilgrims visiting Winchcombe Abbey to see a small vessel containing Christ's blood. Nothing now remains of the Abbey, following the 16th century dissolution of the monasteries - at the same time as the 'blood' was shown to be a concoction created by the monks to keep the pilgrims and wealth coming.

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More of a living town (as opposed to tourist town) than some in the Cotswolds, Winchcombe is a busy old-fashioned (in the nicest sense of the word) place with much to enjoy and explore - no great highlights perhaps, but lots of charming 16th century stone and half-timbered houses and interesting architectural features, and other characterful buildings. Of course you will also find plenty of the obligatory pubs (a particularly fine selection) and tea rooms.

One particular noteworthy site is the Church of Saint Peter, best known for the 'scary' carvings (called grotesques) that adorn the outside

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The town stands on several long-distance paths, including the Cotswold Way, Windrush Way and the Gloucestershire Way. Kenelm's Trail ends at nearby Studely Castle - a historical trail that follows from the supposed place of death of Saint Kenelm (near Birmingham) to his final resting place in Winchcombe. See the legend of Saint Kenelm.

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