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Photo of Wheddon Cross in Exmoor (Somerset region)

Visit Wheddon Cross

Wheddon Cross is a small village in Exmoor, western Somerset, about 15km south of Minehead. It forms part of the parish of Cutcombe (as does Luckwell Bridge) and the villages can be considered as one.

The village itself is small but has basic facilities, including a pub and a sprinkling of small shops, and also some hotels and guest houses.

Visit Wheddon Cross

Wheddon Cross is reputed for being the highest village in Exmoor, and is a popular base (and perfectly placed) for exploring the moors, including 'close to hand' Dunkery Beacon which is the hill you see standing above the village. You can also hope to see various wildlife, including deer and exmoor ponies, during your explorations.

The village is also in easy striking distance of the coast, from where arrive many of the that visitors come to Wheddon Cross and Cutcombe.

Snowdrop Valley

One of the most poular sights with visitors, the marked trail through Snowdrop Valley (correct name Avill Valley) will lead you throught the nearby woodlands where you can see thousands of snowdrops in flower. Clearly the late winter / early spring is the time to visit! A park and ride operated during the flowering season from Wheddon Cross to the start of the walk, since access is otherwise difficult for cars.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Exmoor guide and the Somerset guide.

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