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Warkworth is a village on a loop of the River Coquet slightly inland from the coast of Northumberland, to the north-west of Amble and south of Alnmouth and within the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The pretty village of Warkworth has several places and highlights of particular interest, including Warkworth Castle, the Norman Church of Saint Lawrence in the Market Place, Warkworth Hermitage, and an attractive bridge over the river, along with an interesting selection of pubs, cafes and shops.

A popular and well maintained beach is found at about a mile from Warkworth, which also has views across to Coquet Island.

Warkworth Castle

Dominating both the village and the surrounding coastline, the substantial ruins of Warkworth Castle first date from the Norman conquest of Britain although much of what we see today dates from the 12th-16th centuries - the castle underwent several periods of rebuilding and reinforcement. The substantial keep dates from the 14th century and includes the kitchens, living quarters and store rooms and is the part of warkworth castle that is most visible from the village.

Warkworth Hermitage

In a picturesque setting half concealed by trees, and now managed by English Heritage, Warkworth hermitage dates from the 14th century and is half constructed in stone and half created from an existing cave in the rock. There is a small chapel and altar inside the hermitage, which is reached by a pretty walk (about half a mile) along the river bank and a ferry across the river.

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