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Tintagel is a village and castle on the north coast of Cornwall.

Certainly among the most visited of the places in Cornwall, the village makes a great deal of its links with the legends of King Arthur, and tourism plays too large a role - there are many visitors, and a great deal of shops, cafes, tea shops and restaurants to cater to them.

Visit Tintagel and Tintagel Castle

You should still visit Tintagel, because there are various interesting and attractive buildings around the village and you don't really want to miss Tintagel Castle...but try to arrive as early as possible in the morning, or out of high season.

To reach the castle follow the path from the bottom of the village...through the valley of Avalon, on to Merlin's Cave and the beach...

At Tintagel castle, parts date from the 12th-13th centuries, but parts are much older, from the 6th century and therein lies the legend of King Arthur. In the 12th century, Geoffrey of Monmouth said that Tintagel had been the 6th century birthplace of Arthur, and a tourist industry was ready to be born...Wagner enthusiasts might prefer the association with the original Tristan and Isolde story (King Mark lived in this castle), others still be attracted by tales of Merlin the magician - Tintagel plays its role in all these stories. (See also the King Arthur story.)

Regardless of the historical accuracy of these claims, they add a certain enchantment to Tintagel and (true stories or not) it was a suitably dramatic spot for a castle, perched on the edge of the cliff looking out to sea.

Place to visit near Tintagel

  • Well placed for Cornwall cliff walks
  • Boscastle and Port Isaac, a little quieter than Tintagel

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