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Tideswell is located to the east of Buxton, in the heart of the Peak District, and is one of the largest villages within the Park itself.

As with many other Peak District villages, the town grew upa round the lead-mining industry and, like some others, has now undergone a successful transition to a focus on tourism and outdoor activities (although the period from the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries was difficult for many Peak District villages).

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The central part of the village around the church is the most attractive, and there are numerous other old and interesting buildings to discover throughout Tideswell - spend some time just ambling around the streets and alleys taking in the atmosphere, admiring the traditional architecture and village life.

The impressively grand 14th century Saint John the Baptist Church is so grandiose (would 'over-sized' be impolite?) for such a small village that it is referred to as the 'Cathedral of the Peak'.

Village Traditions

In common with other Peak District villages, both 'welldressing' and 'wakes' are celebrated in Tideswell - the former takes place in late spring and involves making pictures out of flower petals etc and decorating the wells; the other welcomes in the summer solstice with a parade and carnival.

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