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Thurlestone is a village on the south-west Devon coast, to the west of Kingsbridge. It falls within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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One curious site is the arched rock in the bay just off Thurlestone - curiously, this rock is called Thurlestone Rock, and it was the rock that gave the name to the village (not the other way round, as you might have guessed).

The main beach is towards adjacent South Milton. Thurlestone beach has facilities (beach cafe, toilets, parking) and a lifeguard presence during the summer months.

The coast following east towards Salcombe is especially picturesque, and it is highly recommended to follow this section of the South West Coast Path - the stretch of coast here is also well known for the opportunties to spot rare birds. Continue as far as Prawle Point, the most southern part of Devon.

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Wetlands: just outside the village and near the coast are small wetlands - marshy in character, and with pools lined with reeds - called South Huish Marsh, South Milton Ley, and Thurlestone Marsh. These are popular locations for bird-spotters.

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