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Tattershall is a village to the south of Horncastle in the centre of Lincolnshire (a county in eastern-central England) and on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

A quiet village, it is best known for the 15th century Tattershall Castle (below).

Other notable artefacts in Tattershall include the 15th century 'buttercross' in the village centre in Market Place (a buttercross was historically the centre of trading activity in a village, and others can be seen in the region e.g. at Oakham to the south in Rutland); the 15th century Church of Holy Trinity, a substantial church best known for its stained glass windows - note also the very old houses called 'Bedehouses' next to the church; and the remains of tattershall College, also built by Lord Cromwell and used as a school until the middle of the 16th century.

Tattershall CastleTattershall Castle

Tattershall castle is an imposing structure built in red brick with towers at each corner and built in 1434 by the Lord High Treasurer to Henry VI, Lord Cromwell, at that time among the most powerful people in England.

The unusual and striking castle - it was very unusual for medieval castles to be built of brick - is now open to the public (it is owned and managed by the National Trust). A tour of the six floors in the castle leads eventually (after 150 steps!) to fine views from the battlemented top of the tower.

Note: the castle we see today was actually built on the site of an even earlier castle, traces of which can still be seen.

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