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The village of Snowshill is situated between Evesham and Chipping Norton, in the county of Gloucestershire and towards the northern edge of the Cotswolds.

Snowshill is a pretty village, with the 19th century Church of Saint Barnabas and some very attractive yellow stone village houses at the centre - the archetypal Cotswold village.

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The main reason people visit is because of Snowshill Manor, a National Trust owned and managed property dating from the 15th-16th centuries and situated on the hill above the village. Surrounded by gardens that run down the hillside, and were laid out by a well known Arts and Crafts Architect (Baillie-Scott), the manor approached from the front appears quite modest - it is when you see it side-on from within the gardens that the large scale and impressive architecture of the manor is appreciated.

The Manor features an interesting 'museum' containing many thousands of items accumulated by Charles Wade, who owned the property from 1919 to 1951 and was an avid collector of - well, lots of different things, so there is sure to be something you find fascinating. And a tea shop.

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The Snowshill lavender farm offers scenery you might expect to see around Grasse in Provence but not necessarily in southern England - great rows of lavender cover the 20 hectare farm, which is then prepared into various lavender based products (soaps, oils, scented items etc). There is also a gift shop on site where you can buy the products 'straight from the farm'.

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