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Shaftesbury is a small town situated in northern Dorset, to the north of Blandford Forum and west of Salisbury on the edge of the Blackmore Vale.

The town is very well known, and very much photographed, because of a street called Gold Hill. This is a steep cobbled street that epitomises 'rural England' and has been featured in numerous travel guides - it rose to fame with an extensive campaign for Hovis bread that run for many years in the 1970's and 1980's. The street is, of course, shown in our own photo above!

There is more to Shaftesbury than just the one road however and another highlight as you explore this traditional market town, centred around the church and market square, are the frequent views out across the Blackmore Vale - best enjoyed perhaps from the gardens along 'Park Walk'.

The ruins of Shaftesbury Abbey can be visited, although there is now little more than low walls remaining of the abbey since it was destroyed by Thomas Cromwell in the 16th century.

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A popular destination close to Shaftesbury are the impressive ruins of 'Old' Wardour Castle, a few miles to the east and near Tisbury just off the road to Salisbury.

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