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Selworthy (aka Selworthy Green) is located to the east of Porlock in north-western Somerset. it is part of the National Trust land of the Holnicote Estate

It is a 'picture-postcard' village, with beautiful thatched cottages, flowers clambering all over them in manicured gardens, in a pretty countryside setting of woodlands and open fields spreading for miles across the rolling hills.

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If you close your eyes and imagine a traditional English village - it is probably somewhere just like Selworthy that comes to your imagination.

The village church stands above the main village and is whitewashed, has a 14th century tower, and a couple of interesting artefacts inside. (Is it just me? I prefer medieval churches to be in stone rather than painted...)

Note that although the village church dates from the 14th-15th centuries, most of the houses don't - mostly they were constructed in the 19th century, but carefully following the style of earlier centuries. An inspired idea by a local member of the gentry, Sir Thomas Acland, who wanted to provide homes for the elderly and infirm of the Holnicote Estate!

The Holnicote Estate, owned and run by the National Trust since 1932, spreads across 5,000 hectares and includes Selworthy and several other small villages and hamlets (eg Allerforde and Luccombe), as well as a great number of footpaths just waiting to be explored...

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