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Photo of Saunton in North Devon (Devon region)

Visit Saunton

Saunton is a village and beach on the north-west coast of Devon between Braunton and Croyde.

The main reason that people have heard of, and visit, Saunton is because of Saunton Sands, the local beach. Stretching about five kilometres along the Devon coast, the beach is sandy, slopes gently into the sea, and is backed by extensive sand dunes. Not surprisingly this makes it one of the most popular beaches in the region!

Visit Saunton

The sand dunes behind the beach are great for children to explore, and provide some more private sunbathing if that's what you are looking for.

It's size means that you can always find somewhere quiet on the beach - although you might have to walk a little way to get passed the crowds on a busy, hot summer day. Note that most of the facilities around the beach are found near the car park.

The beach at Saunton Sands is also popular for surfing and other watersports. Note that some sections of the beach are reserved for bathing.

Saunton Golf Club

Golf enthusiasts will be more interested by the nearby golf course - the long established Saunton Golf Club has a reputation for having the very best courses in south-west England - in fact there are two complete courses at the club, the East Course and the West Course - and the advantage of being set in very attractive countryside with lovely views. Being on the coast, the wind will also bring an extra challenge to your game. Golf players tell me it's a highly recommended golf course - see Saunton Golf for details.

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