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Rydal water is one of the smaller lakes in the lake District, at less than a mile long and quarter of a mile across. It is situated centrally in the region near both Grasmere and Ambleside in the heart of 'Wordsworth country', slightly downstreal from Grasmere lake.

Surrounded by meadows and woodlands, and with a backdrop of the fells behind Rydal Water is among the most picturesque of the lakes.

The most popular way to enjoy the lake is to follow the path all the way around the lake shore (variants include visits to two houses that were once owned by Wordsworth: Dove Cottage near Grasmere and Rydal Mount to the east of the lake. The 'basic' lakeside walk will take about two hours to complete: other highlights of the lakeside tour are the views from the point called Wordsworth's Seat, to the west of Rydal Water, and the large Rydal Cave on the south of the lake (the caves, at one time a quarry, were once a major industry for the village).

There are of course many other walks into the surrounding hills, some with very fine views back across Rydal Water.

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