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Ringwood is a town on the River Avon to the west of the New Forest.

Often passed by on the way to the New Forest itself, Ringwood has some places and sights of interest that make it worth your while to stop here and take a look around.

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The main interest is in the historical centre of the town, where you will see various historically interesting buildings, along with a good choice of restaurants, shops and pubs.

Ringwood is also a traditional market town (as it has been since the early 13th century - it was originally the main market town for the New Forest) and it still holds a market each Wednesday morning, along Market Place.

See also the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Market Place. The old arched stone bridge over the river is another pretty spot in the town.

The town is also well known for the Ringwood brewery, producer of a range of popular local beers.

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