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The village of Neatishead is located 20km north-east of Norwich, to the east of Norfolk.

One of a group of three small villages (the others are Irstead and Barton Turf), this part of Norfolk is very well placed to enjoy all that is best about the Broads - nature and water-based birdlife, quiet unspoiled villages, traditional thatched cottages, ancient village churches...

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Be sure to visit when the weather is fine, because the great pleasure here is to follow the quiet footpaths and lanes on foot or bike that lead between the villages and to absorb the atmosphere - before returning to the pub or restaurant in Neatishead for lunch!

To the east of the village lies Barton Broad - one of the largest of the Norfolk Broads. There is a mooring and water channel that leads from Neatishead to Barton Broad (and also others from the other two nearby villages).

An interesting tour is to head to Gays Staithe (between Irstead and Neatishead) and take a trip across Barton Broad on the solar powered boat.

You can also hire a boat to explore under your own steam, or if you prefer to explore on foot you can follow the Barton Broad Boardwalk, which leads you through the woods to a viewing platform across the broads.

The path around the Nature Reserve at Alderfen Broad was also recommended to us.

Barton Broad, near Barton Turf

RAF Neatishead

The village is best known becuase of its association with the nearby radar station at RAF Neatishead, which forms part of the air defence system for southern England, and also has a museum which traces air defences from the 1930's to modern days, including the important role played by Neatishead during the second World War.

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