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Photo of Morpeth in Northumberland (Northumberland region)

Visit Morpeth

Morpeth is a town situated on the River Wansbeck, in south-east Northumberland (north of Newcastle).

First stop on your visit might be the Morpeth Tourist Information centre. Next to the bridge across the river, it is itself a tourist attraction, based in a 13th century building called Morpeth Chantry that was originally built as a chapel and toll house for those crossing the bridge. Morperth Chantry now also plays home to the Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum and an Arts and Crafts Gallery.

Some of the other landmarks within Morpeth include the 18th century Collingwood House; the Town Hall (built in 1870, it is a copy of an earlier building dating from 1714); and a 17th century clocktower - a substantial tower originally built as a town jail. The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin is a substantial 14th century church best known for containing the grave of Emily Wilding Davison, the suffragette activist (inscribed 'deeds not words').

Carlisle Park in Morpeth is a popular place for walking in woodland and riverside surroundings, and to see the William Turner garden, inspired by the famous botanist (not the artist!) born and raised in Morpeth.

Market day in Morpeth is Wednesday.

Local Morpeth attractions

Among the attractions to visit close to Morpeth are the medieval Belsey Castle and Hall and the 17th century Wallington House and Gardens (a National Trust property). Visit also the pretty village at Longhorsley.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Northumberland guide and the Northumberland guide.

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