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Leamington Spa is a sizable town on the River Leam to the south of Coventry and Kenilworth, and only a few kilometres from the town of Warwick, in the centrally situated English county of Warwickshire.

Long known and established as a spa town, there are plenty of other things to discover in the 'not quite on the tourist trail' town of Leamington Spa that make a visit very worthwhile, based around the architecture of the town centre and the peaceful setting on the river.

Start your visit at the Royal Pump Room - the longest established and most popular spa centre in Leamington from the time of its opening in 1814, and also the most imposing building in the town. It is also the centre of a visit to Leamington Spa, as it has been for 200 years, containing the Tourist Information centre, a local museum, a swimming pool and an art gallery - as well as a chance to try the spa waters!

Adjacent to the Pump Room you can take a stroll around the Pump Room Gardens, although gardeners will prefer the riverside Jephson Gardens, a well maintained and long established garden area, also with an interesting greenhouse complex representing the evolution of plants over the last 500 million years.

The most interesting architecture in the centre of Leamington Spa dates from the Georgian and early Victorian era, when the town was at its most wealthy (due to the spa waters) - little existed here except a small village before the end of the 18th century - and the high street and surrounding area have many imposing buildings dating from this period, many not individually exceptional but creating an attractive and interesting whole.

The centre also has a very wide range of shops, cafes etc.

The walk along the River Leam carries on to Warwick, an attractive walk about six kilometres long, starts near the Pump Room Gardens

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