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Kilburn is a small village on the south-western edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, east of Thirsk.

The village would perhaps go unremarked apart from the 'big attraction' on the hill above the village - a white horse carved in the hillside above Kilburn, and its association with a well known furniture maker called 'the Mouseman'

Kilburn White Horse

In 1857 it is thought that a locally born businessman called Thomas Taylor led the project to remove the soil from the site on Sutton bank, above Kilburn village itself, and expose the limestone below creating the picture of the horse, although other sources attribute the project to a local schoolmaster, John Hodgson.

Almost 100 metres long and 67 metres high, the 'horse' is visible from many places to the south of the village, and a prominent local landmark. You can visit the white horse itself - there is a footpath around it; or alternatively head towards Bagby for the best view back across to appreciate the achievement in its natural setting.

Kilburn Mouseman

A local furniture maker, Robert Thompson - better known as the Mouseman - also came from Kilburn. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920's, he was well known for always carving a mouse into each of his creations, and examples can be seen in the Mouseman visitor centre in Kilburn. Local examples of his work can also be seen in the churches at Kilburn and Hubberholme, while further afield the candlesticks in Westminster Abbey are another example, while his furniture is sought after by collectors.

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