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Hythe is situated on the south-east coast of Kent (south-east England). Although it no longer has a port it is one of the five designated 'Cinque Port' towns, traditionally used for trading with France (the others include Dover, Hastings, New Romney, Sandwich along with Rye and Winchelsea).

Before you head off to the beach the town merits an exploration, with pleasant streets and some interesting architecture to discover. Explore the shopping area around the High Street then head into the the narrow streets of the 'old town' - many of the buildings were constructed during the 18th century, but some are much older.

The Town hall is among the most impressive buildings, and was constructed in 1794. Note also the decorative Victorian drinking fountain in Red Lion Square.

The Martello Towers (sturdy round towers that held a unit of about 20 men each) in Hythe and the Royal Military Canal were also a consequence of the proximity to France - they were a first-line defence against a predicted invasion by Napoleon - the canal is now a nice place for a stroll and to watch the swans. (Seems to me that if Napoleon could cross the English Channel then a narrow canal might not have been a great obstacle but then I'm not a military engineer...)

One curious highlight in Hythe can be found at Saint Leonard's Church (along Church Hill), a very ancient church (11th century) that contains within its crypt a 'human bone collection' including 2000 skulls. Stories about the origins of the bones vary but the most accepted explanation is that they were dug up in the 13th century when the church was extended.

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