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Holkham is a small village situated on the coast of northern Norfolk between Burnham Overy and Wells-next-the-Sea.

Holkham is best known for Holkham Hall, a substantial stately home. There is also a popular local beach called Holkham Gap, and the surrounding region is designated as the Holkham National Nature Reserve.

Holkham Hall: this 18th century (finished in 1764) Palladian style mansion is strictly symmetrical and slightly unusual in appearance, being much less 'decorative' on the outside than many stately homes, with even the number and size of windows being very limited. There are numerous lavishly furnished apartments and rooms to visit (while they seem quite opulent to modern visitors the rooms were designed to be quite austere by comparison with other 18th century stately homes) and it is also surrounded by extensive parks and gardens. Holkham Hall is open to the public,

Holkham Gap: the sandy beach runs for several miles and is largely backed by sand dunes and pine trees - it is a very high quality sandy beach, reached via Lady Anne's Drive (parking charges at £5 per day).

Holkham National Nature Reserve: covers about 40 sq km and mostly consisting of coastal sand-based environments (sand dunes, sea marshes, sand flats) the nature reserve also includes regions of pasture, pine and scrub and traditional mixed woodland. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including several rare species. Most visitors explore by following the marked footpaths that start from the local villages or from one of the car parks in the Holkham Nature Reserve.

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