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Photo of Hartland in North Devon (Devon region)

Visit Hartland

Hartland is a town situated in the north-western corner of Devon, south-west England, a few kilometres from the coast.

Less established on the 'tourist trail' than most of the Devon towns near this coast (it is also slightly harder to access), the town itself has some features of interest and provides easy access to some impressive coastal scenery around the Hartland Peninsula.

Visit Hartland

Hartland itself is a pleasant workaday town, with a high street lined with traditional houses, and with most facilities including cafes, gift shops and pubs etc. There is also a harbour in the town, called Hartland Quay and near to Hartland Point - the headland itself has very good views to sea and along the coast and is a highlight of your visit.

Take the time to also visit the nearby small village of Stoke to see the 14th century Church of Saint Nectan - impressively oversized for such a small place, and with a high tower that is an important landmark for sailors along with other features of interest (the font, rood screen, a medieval chest...)

The closest beach is at Welcome Mouth. which also has access to the coastal path and more lovely scenery. There are several other beaches to be found here around Hartland Point and the peninsula as a whole, mostly much quieter than those found elsewhere on the north Devon coast - but no less beautiful. In several places eg Speke's Mill and Welcome Mouth you can see waterfalls gushing from the cliffs along the coast.

Allow time to venture a little inland on the Hartland peninsula for scenery with a different character of exposed moors interspersed by areas of unspoiled woodland.

Places to visit nearby

- Hartland Abbey, the 12th century abbey subsequently demolished and now the location of an 18th century house, is a popular visitor site as much for the setting and surrounding gardens as for the property itself (the walled garden and woodland walks are among the highlights). See Hartland Abbey for visitor details.

- the gardens at Docton Mill, an extensive and impressive garden around a functioning watermill with several sections and points of interest.

You can find more local travel ideas in the North Devon guide and the Devon guide.

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