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Hartington is a small traditional Peak District village, centrally placed in the Dove Valley in the southern part of the region.

Forming an essential part of the tourist trail (in part for the cheese produced here (see below) Hartington is very picturesque and has some lovely traditional buildings to enjoy.

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One of the most impressive buildings is Hartington Hall, a 17th century manor house. The hall is now a very popular Youth Hostel / bar / restaurant (open to the public).

The old town hall, the duckpond and the village church (Church of Saint Giles) are other highlights of the village. Note also the old water pump - source of water for the village in days gone by.

The location of Hartington, with good access to walks and cycling especially along the Dove Valley, Wolfescote Dale and Beresford Dale, makes it especially popular with visitors. It does mean it also has its fair share of pubs, gift shops and tea rooms...


Hartington cheeses

Apart from tourism, Hartington has an impressive reputation as a centre for cheese production. The local producer is one of just three locations where the production of stilton is authorised (the Vale of Belvoir and Hungarton are the others). Other local cheeses are also produced by the same manufacturer, and can be bought in the Hartington Cheese Shop in the village (next to the pond). More than just a tourist attraction, the blue stilton here is a great cheese and you should buy some when visiting!

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