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Great Budworth is located in central Cheshire, in northern England.

Although a small village, Great Budworth is exceptionally attractive and attracts a lot of interest as a result.

Arley HallThe main monument of historical importance within the centre of the village is the very attractive Saint Mary and All Saints Church (built in the 16th century apart from the Lady Chapel which dates from the 14th century), which is generally considered to be one of the best and most interesting village churches in Cheshire (from an architectural point of view).

Note also the original village stocks just outside the churchyard.

After admiring the church simply stroll through Great Budworth enjoying the traditional architecture, including some lovely red-brick cottages with oversized chimneys and timberwork, and other pretty houses.

Not far from Great Budworth the mansion and gardens at Arley Hall are another popular attraction - the house itself was built in the 1830's but in a style intended to replicate the architecture of the Tudor period.

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