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Grantham is a substantial market town south of Lincoln, in Lincolnshire (county on the coast of central-eastern England). it is also at the northern limit of the london commuter belt.

Grantham is now best known as being the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, and home to the young Isaac Newton, but there is more to the town than these two famous people!

While not a major stop on the tourist trail, Grantham has a pleasant historic centre with some attractive architecture to enjoy, mostly Georgian and Victorian in origins.

Among the most notable buildings in Grantham are the Church of Saint Wulfram and the victorian Guildhall, a substantial brick building with a decorative clocktower.

It's also a popular local shopping centre and there are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to choose from - the most famous pub in Grantham is the Beehive Inn, while it is said that the Angel and Royal Inn, dating from around 1200, is the oldest in Britain (they are not alone in making the claim!). Others popular pubs include the Hogshead and the Blue Pig.

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Several mansion houses can be visited in the region, including those at Belton, a little way north of Grantham; Belvoir Castle; and the imposing house at Harlaxton Manor. The birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton can be seen at Woolsthorpe.

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