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Godolphin House is a Tudor and Stuart mansion with a large 16th century garden. This quiet house which is a little off the beaten track was once one of the most fashionable houses in Cornwall. It is about a half hour drive from the popular coastal town of Saint Ives.

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Unfortunately our visit took place on a gloomy day in March but even then it was very clear that the garden would be well worth a return visit in late spring and on through the gardening year. Some lovely hellebores were in full flower, the bluebell woods were getting ready to burst into colour and peonies and a glorious range of herbaceous plants were putshing through the soil. Of course being Cornwall in March there were lots of daffodils to be seen!

The main gardens are laid out around the imposing stone mansion and there are sweeping lawns edged with box balls and hedges and long herbaceous borders around the edges. The medieval gardens are open from March until October every year.

Medieval gardens at Godolphin House

As well as the gardens there are acres of woodlands - lovely at bluebell time but also a pleasure throughout the year and walks lead to lovely views over the Cornish coast. You can take a 3 or 5 mile guided walk of the grounds on Thursday mornings (5 mile walk is the last Thursday of the month).

You can walk along the river, see the remains of the Godolphin tin and copper mine and see archaeological remains from the Bronze Age.


The house itself is a six-bedroom mansion and is open to the public during the first week of every month. It is open as a holiday rental property the rest of the time  - a lovely place to spend your holidays!

Cornwall has a rich tradition of salvaging items from shipwrecks and inside Godolphin House there are various items taken from shipwrecks including the carved dining room ceiling which came from a Portugese boat which sank in 1526.

Godolphin House

As well as the house and garden there is a stables containg a collection of antique farm wagons and a tea rooms selling tea and coffee and delicious cakes.

Various events take place throughout the year such as bluebell walks and Easter egg hunts.

Places to visit nearby

Godlolphin House is not far from the beautiful coastal town of Saint-Ives and the stunning Saint Michael's Mount. Marazion is a lovely coastal town and it is from here that you can walk or get a boat to Saint Michael's Mount.

The Godolphin family made their money in mining and this part of Cornwall has a rich mining heritage. Their are various mining sites in the area that are open to visitors and the Cornish Mining Landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will notice many of the traditional stone tower's of the Cornish mines as you drive around.

The cutely named village of Mousehole is on the coast near Godolphin House and was declared by Dylan Thomas to be the "loveliest village in England"!

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