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The village of Glenridding is in the Lake District, Cumbria, at the southern end of Ullswater lake. For several centuries it was the centre of an active lead mining industry, but the mine has now closed and tourism is the predominant activity, with many visitors attracted by the location, the village and the setting.

One popular activity in Glenridding is to take one of the boat trips across Ullswater; other water based activities on the lake are also available in Glenridding (boat hire and windsurfing among the most popular).

Glenridding is also very popular with hikers visiting the Lake District, especially because of its proximity to Helvellyn and the other high peaks of the region - the appraoch to Helvellyn involves crossing Striding Edge, a well known high ridge which is especially challenging to vertigo sufferers!

Those lacking the enthusiasm to tackle the mountains should head for the Aira Force waterfall, in a delightful woodland setting (part of the Lyulph's Tower estate) with lovely views of the waterfall from a bridge above and the valley below.

Those exploring by car will want to set off along the dramatically beautiful Kirstone Pass road from Glenridding - it is also one of the steepest roads in England, reaching gradients of 1 in 4 in places. Not only scenery awaits, but also one of the highest pubs in England, the Kirkstone pass Inn, stands at the top of the pass.

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