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The town of Frome is found on the river Frome in north-east Somerset (south-west England), with the Mendip Hills to the west and Bath to the north. The location has been inhabited for at least 2000 years (as evidenced by a large number of roman coins found nearby) but 'modern' Frome dates from the 7th century when a monastery was built here.

A visit to Frome will usually start in the oldest part of the town including Catherine Hill, Stoney Street, Cheap Street, Gentle Street, Sheppards Barton) to enjoy the cobbled roads and the myriad of picturesque 17th and 18th century houses - and perhaps to do some shopping.

Frome, Somerset: buildings and architecture

It is said that Frome has more listed buildings than any other Somerset town, so there is a great deal to enjoy as you explore, from 'humble' terraces to much grander buildings. Perhaps the most important is the so-called Blue House (next to the bridge): the Blue House is a good example of Georgian architecture, dates from 1726, and has an interesting facade with two statues and a clock.

Among the important religious buildings in Frome the most interesting are the Church of Saint John the Baptist (parts remain from the initial construction in the 12th-15th century, but most of what we see is a 19th century construction) approached by a Via Crusis with statues and carvings; and the Rook Lane Chapel (completed in 1707 and another classical example of architecture from the period), especially notable for its decorative windows.

Frome Tourist Office is also housed in an interesting building, a squat round building that was built as a dye-house in the early 19th century; as is the Frome Museum, in an interesting tapered 19th century stone building (reminiscent of a baby version of the Flatiron Building in New York).

Other Frome highlights

Be sure to also allow time to stroll across the 17th century bridge, very unusual in that it also has buildings running across it; and to the north of the river amble along the pretty Frome River in Willow Vale.

Head a little towards the north-west in the town centre to reach the historically important Trinity region, with substantial numbers of dwellings dating from the end of the 17th century when the area was planned as industrial housing.

Places to visit near Frome

Frome makes a good base for exploring the Somerset and surrounding region - there are sevral very charming villages in the immediate vicinity of Frome, then you can explore other towns such as Glastonbury, Bath and Wells; head into the Mendip Hills to enjoy the scenery; and visit popular attractions such as Stonehenge and Longleat (stately home and safari park).

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