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Just south of the popular market town at Keswick, Derwentwater is one of the largest lakes in the Lake District at about three miles long and one mile wide. It is also one of the most scenic of the lakes, with the National Trust owned shoreline surrounded by wooded slopes leading up to the higher mountains behind.

There are also places where you can hire rowing boats or motor boats to explore the lake yourself.

One particular highlight is the view from Friar's Crag, a stunning view across the lake to Scafell and Castle Crag.

Boat trips on Derwent Water

Although it is possible to see much of the lake from the road that follows the eastern edge, a more enjoyable way to explore Derwent Water is on the boat that carries passengers across and around the lake, with several drop-off points. Keswick itself is the main boarding point for the passenger ferry, and you can then either stay on the boat and do the complete tour of the lake or get off at any of the seven landing stages and explore (the complete round trip costs around £9 for an adult, and operates all year round although botas are much less frequent during the winter). See Lakeland Cruises for up to date details.

The passenger ferry gives access to the footpaths that follow much of the shore of the lake, another very enjoyable way to enjoy the scenery.

Derwent Water Islands

There are four substantial islands in the lake itself, further contributing to the scenic interest: Derwent Island, Lord's Island, Rampsholme Island and St. Herbert's Island. the last of these is the largest, and is found in the centre of Derwent Water.

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