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Croyde is a village and beach located on the north-west coast of Devon, and to the north-west of Braunton.

The village is small, and very pretty with many of the properties being quaint thatched cottages dating back hundreds of years, and a babbling little river running through the centre. Admire the Chapel of Saint Helen, built in the 12th century, before stopping for a traditional Devonshire cream tea in the village.

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Basic facilities are available, along with a selection of gift shops, restaurants and three pubs. Nearby 'holiday 'resort' and camping facilities mean the village is bustling during the summer.

Croyde beach has a very good reputation as a surfing destination - it is often said to be one of the best surfing beaches in Britain. The beach is very picturesque, but less safe for family bathing than others nearby e.g. at Staunton because there is often a powerful undercurrent that can drag the unwary away from the beach. There is a lifeguard patrol at Croyde - if you do swim here pay attention that you remain within the area that is under surveillance.

Baggy Point

Just a few kilometres from Croyde lies the impressive headland at Baggy Point, a protected National Trust environment offering great views. To best enjoy the scenery take the walk that leads to the point from Croyde, a 9km easy walk with lovely views all along the route - see details of the walk here on 'Walking Britain'.

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