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The village of Cropredy is situated in the north of the county of Oxfordshire, a few miles from Banbury.

The position of the village on the Oxford canal means that tourists arrive by boat, while other visitors arrive by car to walk alongside the canal, and to explore the village of Cropredy itself - a couple of traditional pubs ensure that Cropredy remains a popular stopping point for thise travelling along the canal itself.

There are some very pretty houses and thatched cottages in Cropredy village centre, as well as a 14th century church with some impressive stained glass - it is said that some soldiers killed in an important battle in the Civil War that took place at Cropredy in 1644 are buried in the churchyard.

Cropredy has also gained a reputation due to an annual three day music festival held each year and run by the folk band Fairport Convention. Held since 1976 and attracting a large audience and range of performers, the festival is known as the Fairport's Cropredy Convention and takes place each August - see the Fairport Convention website for details.

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