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Craster is a traditional fishing village south of Embleton within the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Best known across Britain for its traditionally-smoked kippers, Craster is now also a popular destination with tourists exploring the Northumberland Coast region.

The main local highlight is 14th century Dunstanburgh Castle, about a mile along the path from Craster towards Embleton. Although now in ruins - as it has been since after the War of the Roses in the 15th century - there is a substantial amount of the castle still standing and it is in a very impressive coastal location - hence the reason why Turner, the famous 19th century landscape painter, painted Dunstanburgh Castle more than once. The main part still standing is the gatehouse entrance, that unusually also acted as the keep for the castle, and substantial parts of the encircling walls.

Another local highlight can be seen at Craster Tower, where a 14th century defensive Peel Tower (watchtower and refuge) is now combined with an 18th century mansion.

Walking along the coast is one of the most popular activities with visitors, and both north and south from Craster there are lovely scenic views to enjoy, with the cliffs at Cullernose point being the highlight to the south.

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