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Combe Martin is a village found on the coast to the north-east of Devon, on the north-western border of Exmoor. It also represents the eastern end of the North Devon AONB, so is well situated for exploring the region's attractions - from the wilderness of the moors, to the cliffs and coastal scenery, and of course the beaches..

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The town is mostly spread along a long 'high street' (about 2km long) with plenty of pubs, cafes and shops to divert your attention along the route. The 17th century Pack of Cards pub with its curious turreted centre must get the award for one of the strangest looking pubs in Britain - and is also very popular, be sure to stop by for a drink.

The beach within the town itself is quite small, mostly sandy, and very popular, while several other small beaches and coves are also close to hand. Remember how much you enjoyed exploring rockpools when you were small? This is a good place to come to relive your youth!

Combe Martin Museum (in the town next to the Tourist Office) has various displays covering the history and heritage of the region (I understand this has been extensively refurbished since our visit).

Also recommended, find time to follow one of the coastal paths from Combe Martin to see the best of the surrounding coastline.

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To visit near Combe Martin, Devon

Combe Martin Wildlife Park: see wolves, lions, penguins, monkeys, lovable little meerkats and...dinosaurs! You also have a chance to swim with the sealions and watch a falconry display so pretty much everyone should have a great time.

Watermouth Castle: popular castle and theme park near to Combe Martin - see Watermouth Castle for details.

Berrynarbor: a small and very picturesque village nearby

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