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Photo of Clapham in Yorkshire Dales (North Yorkshire region)

Visit Clapham

Clapham is a village in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, six miles to the north-west of Settle.

The village of Clapham is very picturesque, with traditional stone houses set in a wooded valley along the course of a stream, Clapham Beck,  running through the centre and crossed by various bridges providing a scenic backdrop.

Various shops, cafes and pubs are also found in the village

Excursions from Clapham, Yorkshire

A popular walk from Clapham is to Ingleborough, one of the 'Three Peaks' of the Yorkshire Dales, and the main reason why walkers are attrcated to the village

Ingleborough Cave to the north of the village (where Clapham Beck emerges from underground) is open to the public

The Ingleborough Nature Trail is a pretty walk above the village that passes a lake and through woodlands - laid out by well known Victorian botanist Reginald Farrer and best known for the rhododendrons, but also passing a wide range of other interesting plants

Potholing at Gaping Gill

The balanced rocks at Norbers Boulders

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