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Chollerford is a village on the River North Tyne, north of Hexham in southern Northumberland.

A scenic village in attractive surroundings along the river, the main landmark in the village itself is Chollerford Bridge, a stone arched bridge built on the site of an earlier medieval bridge.

It is the proximity to Chesters Roman Fort and Hadrian's Wall that are the main interest to visitors to Chollerford.

Chesters Fort

The association of the town with historical Chesters, an important fort on Hadrian's Wall, is of interest to visitors. In Roman times the fort was reached by a bridge across the river a little way south-west from the current bridge. Remains of the bridge can still be seen and are managed by English Heritage. 

Battle of Heavenfield, Chollerford

The site is also of importance to historians because of an important battle that took place near Chollerford in either 633 or 634 AD between the Northumbrians and the Welsh. The Battle of Heavenfield was won by the Northumbrians, after an earlier victory by the Welsh (the Battle of Hatfield Chase) under Cadwallon, at which the Northumbrian King Edwin had been killed. Cadwallon himself was killed at the Battle of Heavenfield. There is now a stone cross to mark the place where the battle took place (east of Chollerford near Saint Oswald's Church).

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