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Chipping Norton is a town in Oxfordshire, in the north-east of the Cotswolds and 20km south-west of Banbury.

A market town for the last 700 years, Chipping Norton was an important local centre for wool trade in the Middle Ages, and is still an active bustling place. Notably for the Cotswolds, you will see more locals than tourists on the streets and in the shops!

There are lots of buildings in the town that date from its period of prosperity, although many were 'overhauled' in the 18th century. The impressive Town Hall dates from the 19th century and is a good example of the local architecture at that time.

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A market is held in the town every Wednesday, an occasional farmers market during the summer, and Chipping Norton also has all facilities such as supermarkets, pubs and restaurants.

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Almshouses. Across England there are various examples of factory owners providing accommodation for their workers, or for those no longer able to work, and Chipping Norton is no exception. The Almshouses were established in the 17th century (around 1640) for elderly widows, and now form a very attractive row of houses

Bliss Mill. Bearing witness to the local wool trade, that continued well into the 20th century, this local ex-mill stands on the edge of Chipping Norton and is an impressive monument to 19th century industrial design. Clearly identidfiable by its tall chimney on a broad cyclindrical base, Bliss Mill is no longer in industrial use - it has now been converted into residential flats.

Interesting note: it was in the town 1763 that a certain Reverend Edward Stone invented aspirin (or rather its precursor, which he extracted from willow bark).

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Just north of the town visit the 'Rollright Stones', a series of ancient monuments including a stone circle dating back 4500 years, a dolmen, and a single upright stone - two metres high and known as the 'King stone'.

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