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Chipping Campden is a popular and very attractive town towards the north of the Cotswolds in the county of Gloucestershire.

The highlight of the town is the High Street, an unspoiled street with numerous period houses dating from the Middle Ages and very characteristic of the region. Be sure to amble slowly along, paying attention to the period features of many of the houses - each different and with its own special character. The Grevel House, a grand house dating from the 14th century, is among the most interesting and features many ornate windows and doorways.

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The highlight of the High Street is surely the Market Hall - dating from 1627, the building is a lovely structure of arches and stone pillars, and with a rough cobbled floor bearing witness to hundreds of years of activity.

Other points of particular interest include the Church of Saint James (especially for its decorative tower); and the row of almshouses (houses built for the elderly or infirm in the community).

Moving forward to the early 20th century, visit the small museum dedicated to C R Ashbee, an important member of the Arts and Crafts movement who relocated here from London in 1902 to set up a workshop producing jewellery and other small items. The museum is located in Ashbee's original workshop in the Old Silk Mill.

Chipping Campden is more than a showcase to the past, it is also a popular regional centre with a good selection of shops (both practical and also antique shops etc), pubs and restaurants, and facilities and is very well placed for exploring the northern Cotswolds.

Chipping Campden and the Olimpick Games

Each year on the Friday after the spring bank holiday the town leaps to life with a traditional country event, that first started in the town in 1612. The so-called 'Olimpick games' feature traditional fun challenges such as tug-of-war and various other historical games and events such as Morris Dancing and dancing around the Maypole. See their website at Olimpick games as a clue of what's in store - better to remain a spectator for some events I think!

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