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Photo of Bredon in Worcestershire (Worcestershire region)

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The village of Bredon sits next to the River Avon and below the hill of the same name (Bredon Hill!) to the far south of Worcestershire,  a few miles north-east of Tewkesbury, and south-west from Evesham.

Within Bredon you can see houses and buildings dating from pretty much all eras since medieval times, including some very 'picture-postcard' thatched cottages.

Among the highlights are the Norman Church of Saint Giles, from the 12th-14th century and with an unusual octagonal spire and a National Trust owned tithe barn (now restored after extensive fire damage).

Bredon Hill

When you walk up Bredon Hill, apart from lovely scenery and far reaching views you will also see a 'fort' type tower called Parsons Folly that dates from the middle of the 18th century. This is said to have been built in part because the hill reaches to just under 1000 feet above sea-level, a fact that seemingly troubled local landowner John Parsons who promptly built a tower so that the total height was over 1000 feet. Others say he just wanted somewhere nice for a picnic and to enjoy the views in peace...

More importantly, there are several other monuments on the hill: a few ancient standing stones can be seen; the earthworks at the top of Bredon Hill are the remains of an Iron Age fort called Kemerton Camp; further earthworks remain from a Roman fort; the remains of a medieval castle can also be seen if you head round towards the village of Elmley Castle, on the other side of Bredon Hill (recommended: Elmley castle is a picturesque village).

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