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Bradford-on-Avon is a town near the western border of Wiltshire and a little way south-east of Bath (a city in Somerset).

In an attractive setting on the river Avon and the Kennet and Avon canal, there is a great deal to enjoy throughout Bradford-on-Avon, with interesting buildings from the medieval period through to the 19th century. There is a partly pedestrianised centre (the Shambles) with an interesting mix of historical buildings, specialist shops and cafes that is a pleasure to explore. Market day in Bradford-on-Avon is a Thursday.

Continue your visit to this picturesque town at the old arched stone bridge over the river. The oldest part of the bridge dates from the 13th century, with the bridge having been further extended (made both wider and longer) in the 17th century. Note the small building on the bridge - originally a chapel, the building was later used as a lockup for people spending a rowdy evening in Bradford-on-Avon.

Discover the the little Saxon Church of Saint Laurence dates from the early 11th century and is probably the oldest building in Bradford-on-Avon. Interestingly, the church was only rediscovered in 1865 after it had spent some centuries 'hidden' as part of a house, then later within a factory.

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Close by you can visit the Barton Farm Country Estate and another ancient bridge across the river, while the 14th century tithe barn is perhaps the most unassuming (and also among the most beautiful) buildings in the region. Tithes were the 'taxes paid by farmers who had to hand across a portion of everything they produced, which were then stored in the 'tithe' barn, hence the name of this long stone building, which also unusually has a stone roof.

Another popular excursion from Bradford-on Avon is to hire a boat and travel a little way along the Kennet and Avon Canal.

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