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Boscastle is a small village on the north-east  coast of Cornwall between Tintagel and Bude.

The village is in a perfect location due to the natural harbour that lies between Boscastle and the open sea - and further protected by the 16th century harbour walls.

A very pretty village, the interesting part of Boscastle for visitors is the cluster of Cornish houses in the area around the harbour, with many attractive traditional features to enjoy - reputedly including some of the features of the castle that once stood above the village, the stone from which was much used  in the construction of Boscastle.

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Follow the walk along the harbour / ravine towards the sea (follow the left of the harbour to the viewpoint called the Lookout). At certain times, when it is low tide and the sea is choppy, a blow hole sprays water across the entrance to the harbour.

The village also contains a good selection of pubs, restaurants and gift shops, and a highly regarded pottery.

Boscastle lies at the foot of three valleys (containing three rivers). The most interesting to follow is perhaps the Valency valley, leading as it does to the concealed Minster church. Above the village you can also see the site of a Norman castle that once stood here, and further admire fine views of the Cornish coastline.

Parts of the countryside around Boscastle are owned by the National Trust, and is very pretty even by Cornwall's high standards, both along the coast and along the quiet wooded valleys tha lead inland.

Note: Boscastle was severely damaged in flooding during August 2004. Only after several years of hard work is the village now more or less back to normal.


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  • The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft contains the largest collection of withcraft related items in the world, and is one of the more popular attractions in Cornwall
  • Boat trips along the coast leave from Boscastle, or on foot follow a section of the coast path towards Crackington Haven. The boat trips are a good way to see the birdlife along this section of the coast.

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