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Photo of Bamburgh in Northumberland Coast (Northumberland region)
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Bamburgh is a large village in the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Bamburgh is best known and most visited for the nearby Bamburgh Castle but be sure to spend some time exploring the other highlights in and around the village.

These include the 13th century Church of Saint Aidan and the Grace Darling Museum, a tribute to a young Victorian lady who saved many lives when she was the daughter of a local lighthouse-keeper. Bamburgh also has a selection of small shops, cafes and pubs.

Bamburgh castle

Dominating both the beach and the village, Bamburgh Castle stands on a rocky headland on the coast and creates a magnificent visual spectacle, above all from along the beach to the north.

Originally built by the Normans, the castle was further reinforced during the 12th century. Bamburgh was besieged a couple of times, attacked by the Scots, and last saw 'active service' in 1464 during the Wars of the Roses, when the castle was defeated after a nine month siege.

After several centuries of neglect, the extensive and imposing castle was very substantially renovated and restored (largely in the 19th century) and is now open to the public.

Other Bamburgh highlights

Along the coast close to Bamburgh there is a long sandy beach, very popular with families, that has been awarded the 'Blue Flag' award for cleanliness and high standards.

The beach is backed by a large area (100 acres) of sand dunes, which are now protected as a site of special scientific interest. Unexpectedly both cattle and people are encouraged to walk on the dunes to help keep the surface moving which helps prevent invasive plants from taking hold and hence damaging the unusual enviroment at Bamburgh Dunes that requires 'shifting sands' as a key part of its ecosystem.

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