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Alnmouth is a village at the mouth of the River Aln in the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, east of Alnwick in the county of Northumberland.

From about 1200 onwards Alnmouth was a very busy local port and shipbuilding centre, until following a storm in 1806 the course of the River Aln changed and it became impossible for the larger craft to continue to use the port at Alnmouth. A cross on the opposite side of the river marks the place where Alnmouth Church stood before being destroyed by the storm.

Alnmouth is now a quieter place, with the estuary used by small fishing and pleasure boats. There are few major highlights - a church, a small chapel, a stone drinking fountain - but the traditional stone buildings give Alnmouth a pleasant atmosphere and it is a very nice place to spend some time exploring. There are all facilities in the village, including a couple of nice pubs and a selection of shops.

Alnmouth has a large sandy beach backed with sand dunes, while Alnmouth Golf course is also popular with visitors.

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