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The historical market town of Abingdon is centrally situated in Oxfordshire, on the banks of the River Thames and just a few miles south of Oxford.

Market day in Abingdon is Monday.

The best known landmark in the town is Abingdon Abbey - although nothing remains of the actual abbey church that was once so important to the town, some of the associated buildings can still be seen, such as the 'timber-brick-and-stone' Long Gallery and the granary. You can also still see the abbey gateway and some abbey ruins, but the gateway is a rebuild from bits of the original, and the ruins were built in the 20th century, as ruins, just to create an attractive setting.

The area where the church once stood is now parkland, while the almshouses in Abingdon date from just after the 'dissolution of the monasteries' took place under Henry VIII in 1538.

Another early monument that remains in Abingdon is the 15th century stone bridge across the river, next to Saint Helen's church, itself from the 11th century. The County Hall, dating from 1676-1682, is an arcaded building in the market place that is now home to a local museum.

The County hall is also the site for a well known local tradition - Abingdon Bun Throwing. In a tradition dating back at least 250 years, buns are thrown from the roof of the county hall to enthusiastic local children whenever an important royal event takes place (Royal Weddings, anniversaries etc).

If you happen to visit Abingdon when there is no important royal occasion you might need to content yourself with a pretty stroll along the river banks instead, or organised boat trips are also available.

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